Lufthansa is one of the biggest players in European aviation. The German flag carrier, along with being one of the largest airlines in the continent, is also a founding member of the Star Alliance and the leader of the Lufthansa Group.

Which Airlines Are Part of the Lufthansa Group?

The group controls other major European airlines and flag carriers such as:

  • Austrian Airlines
  • Swiss International Air Lines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Eurowings
  • ITA Airways

The carrier operates a mixed fleet with planes from various manufacturers which offers us the possibility of commenting on the latest fleet changes and updates.

Lufthansa its operations the group and fleet in 2023

Where Does LH Fly?

Lufthansa operates flights to all continents except for Oceania. The airline has a strong presence in the market of flight from Europe to North America and Asia. Over 20 destinations have flights to the americas, making it the airline’s primary market.

The only major area of the globe that isn’t served by the german flag carrier is Australia and New Zealand. Lufthansa has no direct of stopover flights to these two countries that rely heavily on air travel.

Which Alliance is LH Part Of?

Lufthansa is a founding member of the Star Alliance. The airline has a key position in the common strategies of the alliance. Being part of this alliance means that for its operations in the US it can rely on United Airlines’ infrastructure.

Lufthansa Airbus A340-300 at Munich Airport

What Does The Lufthansa Fleet Look Like?

The Lufthansa fleet is quite a unique one. The airline operates planes from all major manufacturers. Some unique airliners are part of the LH fleet such as the Boeing 747-400ER which many airlines have already retired. In the same fleet as the queen of the skies there is also the mighty Airbus A380. Last but not least the German flag carrier is one of the largest users of the Boeing 747-8, a plane that sadly never had great success among airlines.

Airbus Logo AirbusA320neo33
Airbus Logo AirbusA321neo17
Airbus Logo AirbusA319-10035
Airbus Logo AirbusA320-20053
Airbus Logo AirbusA321-20046
Airbus Logo AirbusA330-30011
Airbus Logo AirbusA340-30017
Airbus Logo AirbusA340-6009
Airbus Logo AirbusA350-90022
Airbus Logo AirbusA380-8008
Boeing Logo Boeing747-400ER8
Boeing Logo Boeing747-819
Boeing Logo Boeing787-95
Embraer Logo EmbraerE-1907

Which Is Lufthansa’s Frequent Flyer Programme?

Lufthansa has one of the most wide spread frequent flyer programmes in all of Europe. The Miles&More frequent flyer programme is not only used by Lufthansa but also by all other controlled airlines, such as:

  • Swiss International Air Lines
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Eurowings

This frequent flyer programme is also shared by the no longer Lufthansa owned Luxair. Although the airline is now state owned it still uses the German flag carrier’s loyalty programme.

Lufthansa Information

FoundedJanuary 6th 1953
AllianceStar Alliance
Fleet Size310
HubsFrankfurt – Munich

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