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Singapore is one of the most interesting and strategic locations for civil aviation in the entire world. Therefore its international airport has become one of the busiest hubs. Let’s find out all there is to know about Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN) and why it is so important.

Why Is Singapore Changi an Important Airport?

The importance of Singapore as an aviation hub resides mostly in its strategic geographical placement on the globe. The city state is located on the southernmost point of southeast Asia, making it a perfect stopover point for flights making their way from Europe to Australia.

Also this position makes it ideally located to be a gateway for travellers making their way from and to the far east or nearer Southeast Asian destinations.

Finally being located almost perfectly on the equator means that weather is good and fairly predictable all year round. Therefore flight disruptions are minimal at Changi airport.

Clearly though position can only bring the airport so far, planning and developing the airport and Singapore’s carriers was the second part of the job.

Singapore Changi Airport Entrance

How Many Passengers Transit in Changi Airport?

Not having a domestic market Singapore Changi Airport relies entirely on international traffic to generate revenue. Therefore the 2020 worldwide shutdown hurt this airport much more than any other around the world.

Prior to 2020 Changi airport was inching closer to reaching the 70 Million passenger mark. In 2019 the airport saw 68.3 million passenger transits. However that number plummeted to just 3 million in 2021 and has bounced back to 32.2 million in 2022.

The outlook is that the number of passengers will continue to bounce back closer to pre-2020 levels in 2023 and 2024.

Yearly passenger figures and passenger flight numbers at Changi Airport:

YearNumber of PassengersNumber of PAX Flights

2023 Monthly Passenger Data:

YearMonthNumber of PassengersNumber of PAX Flights
Changi Airport Departure Area

How Many Runways Does Singapore Changi Airport Have?

The airport has 3 runways, however it is operating using a 2 runways system, but more on that in a little. Let’s first recap which and how long are Singapore Changi Airport’s runways:

Runway OrientationLength (m)Width (m)SurfaceActive
02L/20R400060Asphalt concreteYES
02C/20C400060Asphalt concreteNO
02R/20L400060Asphalt concreteYES

The airport is currently using its northern and southern runways, while the central one is currently closed, as nearby construction of terminal 5 will soon start.

Which Airlines Have Hubs in Changi Airport?

Singapore Changi Airport is home to 3 airlines. Two of which are part of the Singapore Airlines Group while the third of the Qantas Group. Specifically the 3 passenger airlines that use the Singaporean airport as a hub are:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Scoot
  • Jetstar Asia

However it is also a strategic airport for some other airlines such as Qantas, Emirates, Air Asia.

How Many Terminals Does Changi Airport Have?

At the moment Changi International Airport has 4 operational terminals with a fifth one to be constructed and become operational at the end of the decade. Currently SIN operates using these terminals:

Runway OrientationLength (m)Width (m)SurfaceActive
02L/20R400060Asphalt concreteYES
02C/20C400060Asphalt concreteNO
02R/20L400060Asphalt concreteYES

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