Aviation News And Insights

First of all if you’re unfamiliar with the term AvGeek, it simply means “Aviation Geek”. If you’ve dreamt about flying planes every day of your life. If you can recognise model and series of an aircraft at a glance you probably fall into the AvGeek category.

Here we’ll talk about the latest news about aviation, with very in depth details that I’m sure Aviation Geeks will enjoy. Check out all my posts about what is going on in aviation and what manufacturers are up to with their plans.

I try to keep you up to date on all the latest updates in terms of new route launches from all the major airlines in the global aviation market. These give us the opportunity to better understand the strategic outlook of a carrier and where we can travel with direct flights.

Also aircraft deliveries to airlines are something that is always very interesting to keep a close look on. Aircraft deliveries to airlines let us better understand how the carriers will be able to operate their network and where they might go next with their operations expansions.

Last but not least innovations introduced by the main aircraft manufacturers can change drastically the direction in which the aviation industry will follow. That’s why it’s key to stay up to date with the news coming out of Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier.

So make sure to come back regularly to stay get the latest and freshest news from the world of airlines and flight.