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Ethiopian Airlines Also Orders 11 Airbus A350-900 at Dubai Air Show

Yesterday was the day of the joint Boeing Ethiopian Airlines announcement of a firm order for 787s and 737s. Today is the day of another announcement by the east African airline, this time with Airbus. The flag carrier of Ethiopia has placed another order for wide body jets. Let’s take a closer look at which ones and how many.

The Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A350 Order

Ethiopian Airlines has been a surprise star of the Dubai Air Show so far. The east African carrier has placed orders that will allow it to massively renovate and expand its fleet.

On the third day of the Dubai Air Show the announcement is that the airline will be receiving 11 new Airbus A350-900s. These 11 planes add to the already standing 22 orders for the Airbus ULR jet bringing the backlog to 33.

Also the addition of the 11 planes ordered in Dubai will confirm Ethiopian Airlines’ role as the A350’s main customer in the African continent.

Ethiopian Airlines orders additional 11 Airbus A350-900 at Dubai Air Show

Different Manufacturer Same Question

The question now is the same as the one I had for the new Boeing 787s ordered yesterday: which cabin interiors will be fitted? In particular which premium cabins will be fitted on the new jets? Will there be something completely new in store for the latest fleet additions or will we just see the airline fit the latest Business class product it developed? That would be the 1-2-1 cabin layout featuring the Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat.

Only time will tell but for now what is certain is that the airline means business. Ethiopian will be trying to get a stronger foothold on the African market and incoming traffic in coming years.

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