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Ethiopian Airlines Joins The Boeing 777X Party

Ethiopian Airlines is one of two most influential airlines in Africa. The carrier has built a name for itself and has become a trend setter in the civil aviation of the continent. It has also become more and more common to see the carrier placing orders for large numbers of planes or for some of the biggest planes purchasable. That is the case with the latest Ethiopian Airlines aircraft order. The flag carrier of Ethiopia has in fact placed and order for the mighty, and yet to be certified, Boeing 777X. Here’s what the news is all about.

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The Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777X Order

More than a new order we could consider this to be a an enhancement of the already considerable one Ethiopian Airlines placed at the Dubai Air Show in late 2023. The airline had then ordered both 787s and 737 MAXs from Boeing in a move that demostrated great trust in the American manufacturer. Considering the troublesome past of the 737 MAX with Ethiopian. This 777X order therefore builds on the foundations of that 2023 order.

Specifically the airline has decided to purchase up to 20 Boeing 777-9 passenger jets. That is the largest version of the 777X family capable of seating up to 430 passengers on a single deck. A huge jet designed to take over not only the legacy of the hugely successful 777-300ER but also of the iconic 747.

Ethiopian’s order will be however split in 2, with a firm order and options:

  • 8 777-9 firm orders
  • 12 777-9 options

You could read into this split a bit further. My take is that Ethiopian Airlines possibly placed a smaller firm order to ensure it wouldn’t miss out on early deliveries but having a large chunk of options in order to see if the plane is delivered on time and then if the real life performance meets expectations.

Ethiopian Airlines 787 plane parked at gate, part of the fleet that will eventually welcome the new generation Boeing 777-9.

What Does it Mean for Ethiopian?

Being in the group of airlines that will receive and operate the 777X is a status symbol. It asserts how Ethiopian Airlines is arguably the leader in the African air travel market.

From a more operational point of view, it will enable the carrier to open or operate ULR services to and from destinations with an extremely high demand. The planes will completely replace the current Boeing 777 lineup in the carrier’s fleet.

A morale boost for Boeing

It hasn’t been the easiest of beginnings to the year for Boeing. Just as the manufacturer had seemed to find some tranquillity after the Dubai Air Show, the Alaska Airlines plug door incident occurred. An event that put Boeing back in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

With not much news on the certification of the Boeing 777X, 737 MAX 7 and 10 so far shared with the public in 2024, I’m sure this order is a much needed morale boost.

We’ll have to only wait and see if we’ll get news first about a Spirit Aerosystems takeover or of the aircraft certifications. My bet is on the former.

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