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How To Get From Seoul to Jeju?

One of the top tourist destinations visited during visits in South Korea is the island of Jeju. More and more the island is becoming well known overseas for its stunning beauty. Therefore it is also attracting many more tourists than before. So in this post we’ll be answering the question of how to get from Seoul to Jeju by air.

Seoul to Jeju Flight Options If Arriving From Abroad

Let’s tackle the first issue, if flying in from overseas can you transfer onto a flight to Jeju from Seoul Incheon airport? The answer is unfortunately no.

There are no options that allow you to seamlessly fly from overseas destinations, flying into Incheon, to the island of Jeju. Most intercontinental flights will land in Incheon while all flights to Jeju will depart Seoul Gimpo Airport. That means that you’ll need to transfer from one airport to the other in order to travel on to Jeju.

If you want to find out how to transfer from Incheon to Gimpo I wrote an article exactly about this. You can read it here.

Jeju Air and Asiana Planes at Gimpo Airport for Seoul to Jeju Flights

How To Get From Seoul to Jeju?

The good news though is that you’ll have many different options to fly from Seoul Gimpo (GMP) to Jeju (CJU). There are 7 airlines offering direct flights from Seoul’s second airport to the island.

Two of these 2 options are full service airlines, while the other 5 are budget airlines. Domestic flights in Korea tend do be quite affordable so I’m sure you’ll find a solution that suits you preferences and needs.

The two full service, legacy, airlines serving the Seoul (GMP) to Jeju (CJU) route are:

Although you can’t travel seamlessly from overseas to Jeju, you can purchase the ticket to the island in one reservation. However the catch is that you’ll have to make your way from Incheon (ICN) to Gimpo (GMP).

View of Jeju Airport in South Korea

The 5 budget airlines offering flights from Seoul Gimpo Airport (GMP) to Jeju (CJU) are:

  • Jin Air
  • Jeju Air
  • T’Way
  • Air Busan
  • Air Seoul

These 5 low cost airlines, along with the other 2 full service carriers, offer an extensive array of options in terms of times and schedules for flights from Seoul to Jeju. On the average day you’ll have at least a couple of flights per hour departing Seoul heading south to Jeju.

Korean Air and Asiana though are the only two operators also allowing passengers to book flights in Business Class. All airlines have an english version of their site making it possibile for foreigners to also book a flight.

Air Busan A320 at Seoul Gimpo Airport

Which Aircraft Are Used?

  • Jin Air, Jeju Air T’Way operate the flight using Boeing 737s in a 1 class configuration.
  • Air Seoul, Air Busan and Asiana use their Airbus A320 or A321 planes

Korean Air on the other hand varies the aircraft used much more. The flag carrier will use their A321neo, A220, Boeing 737 and in some occasions also their wide body A330-300.

How Long is The Flight From Seoul to Jeju?

The flight is a very short hop down south from Seoul. The overall flying time is estimated to be about 1 hour 10 minutes.

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