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Royal Brunei Airlines Expand Fleet With New Boeing Dreamliners

I’ve talked about a vast number of aircraft orders here on TTWWU, but very few airlines are as exotic as the one I’ll be covering in this post. Royal Brunei Airlines has in fact just placed an order for some brand new Boeing Dreamliners. So let’s get into it and find out all there is to know.

In this post:

The Royal Brunei Airlines Boeing Dreamliner Order

News of a new order arrives from the Singapore Air Show. This time the airline placing the order is one of the smallest most niche ones in Asia, Royal Brunei.

The national carrier of the tiny sultanate has in fact just placed an order for four brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. Specifically Royal Brunei Airlines has opted for the 787-9, the middle size of the ultra modern wide body airliner.

The new planes will have a higher capacity than the 787-8 currently operated with a range of over 14,000km (7,500nm), which possibly could allow the carrier to tap into new markets outside of the southeast Asian region. Although I don’t think we’ll see anytime soon Royal Brunei Airlines bee a feasible option for onward transits.

We don’t have any certainty about which cabin configuration will be applied to the jet. However it is likely to be similar to what is available on the current Dreamliner fleet. Those planes are fitted with:

  • 18 Business Class Seats
  • 236 Economy Class Seats

Clearly the 787-9 will have a higher capacity, therefore they should fit both more J and Y class seats.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off into the sunset. Same plane ordered by Royal Brunei Airlines to enhance its wide body long range fleet.

The Current Royal Brunei Wide Body Fleet and its Evolution

Reason for me referring to Royal Brunei as a niche airline is both for its route network and its fleet. The carrier mainly serves Asian destination and isn’t in any way an option to connect onwards. The only long range routes it operates are:

  • London (Via Dubai)
  • Jeddah

All other routes are around or under 6 hours, so we can’t really classify them as long haul.

In terms of fleet the airline operates only 12 planes, with an almost equal split between wide and narrow body aircraft:

  • 7 Airbus A320neo
  • 5 Boeing 787-8

While the 7 Airbus planes are relatively new, some of the Boeing 787-8s are already approaching or have passed 10 years of age:

  • V8-DLA – 11 years old
  • V8-DLB – 11 years old
  • V8-DLD – 10 years old
  • V8-DLC – 10 years old
  • V8-DLE – 6 years old

The reason for this is that Royal Brunei Airlines was the first southeast Asian airline to receive the Boeing 787. Therefore it is more than likely that the carrier might also update its business class cabin interior to bring up to par with other airlines in the region.

Currently the carrier features a quite dated 2-2-2 business class cabin layout which doesn’t offer direct aisle access to every single passenger.

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