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Singapore Airlines has become, since its launch as MSA, one of the biggest and most important names in international civil aviation. The carrier transports millions of passengers year after year connecting every corner of the globe.

The location of its hub in Singapore Changi Airport makes it one of the best options to travel between Australia, Southeast Asia and Europe.

The airline operates some of the longest routes in the world, flying to the US east coast, along with some very short regional hops. That creates the need for a very interesting and varied fleet.

Singapore Airlines operates a 2 manufacturer fleet with planes from Boeing and Airbus. The smaller plane used being the Boeing 737 and the largest the Airbus A380.

Therefore SIA is one of the most interesting airlines to analyse and talk about as it offers continuous news and updates, both in terms of fleet development and network operations.


The Singapore Airlines Fleet in 2023

Singapore Airlines, or SIA, is one of the giants of modern aviation. Pre pandemic the airline carried close to 21 million passengers all across the world...