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The Asia-Pacific region is a buzzing landscape for civil aviation, the distances and the geography of the region makes air travel a necessity for many. This is particularly true for Australia and Australian travellers. The country relies heavily on airlines for trade and travel. Qantas is undoubtedly the big player that controls most of the market. However as it is a premium airline it created its low cost division Jetstar to intercept budget sensitive travellers.

The carrier is essentially Australian based however, as Jetstar grew and matured into a more consolidated operation, it also established subsidiaries in Singapore and Japan, respectively:

  • Jetstar Asia
  • Jetstar Japan

These two subsidiaries, although they sell tickets as one entity with the main carrier, are not wholly owned by Qantas. Jetstar Asia is majority owned by Valuair, while Jetstar Japan is part owned by JAL along with the Mitsubishi corporation.

What makes JQ a very interesting operation is its mixed long haul and short haul operations and how so far it has been able to make the low cost model work on longer flights.