Jetstar Asia Launches New Singapore to China Flight

In the first half of 2023 Jetstar Asia (3K), the Singapore based division of the low cost carrier, resumed one of its pre-covid flights to China. In the closing days of 2023 a second flight to China will take off. However this is a completely new service to the Jetstar Asia network as it wasn’t served pre 2020. So let’s find out all there is to know about Jetstar Asia’s new Singapore to Wuxi flight 3K833.

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Jetstar Asia’s Second Flight to China Post 2020

This only the second flight to China for Jetstar Asia post 2020. The airline, prior to 2020, used to serve 5 destinations which however still haven’t resumed (except for Haikou). Flight 3K833 from Singapore to Wuxi is a completely new service which wasn’t present in the route map before. These are the destinations that Jetstar Asia (3K) used to serve in china prior to 2020:

  • Haikou
  • Shantou
  • Sanya
  • Xuzhou
  • Guiyang

As for why 3K has chosen to serve Wuxi, the Chinee city is in the larger Shanghai area and has developed into an important production and export hub. Therefore there is the possibility for a substantial business travel demand between Wuxi and Singapore.

Jetstar Asia Airbus A320-200 for flights from Singapore to Wuxi in China

The Singapore to Wuxi Flight Schedule

The new flight from Singapore to Wuxi (flight number 3K833) will make its first voyage on December 28th 2023. As for the schedule it’ll be a varied one. Initially, from December 28th 2023 to January 14th 2024, there will be only 2 weekly flights. From January 15th onwards the number of weekly flights will be jacked up to 4.

Flight 3K833 will make the outbound and return flight entirely during the day, with an early morning departure and an evening arrival back into Singapore Changi Airport. Here’s the exact schedule:

Flight NumberDeparture AirportAirport CodeDeparture TimeArrival AirportAirport CodeArrival TimeFlight Duration
Jetstar Logo3K833SingaporeSIN07:10WuxiWUX12:305hrs 20min
Jetstar Logo3K834WuxiWUX13:30SingaporeSIN18:555hrs 25min

Here’s also how the flight will work in terms of frequencies:

  • From December 28th 2023 to January 14th 2024 flights will be available every:
    • Monday
    • Thursday
  • From January 14th 2024 onwards flights will be available every:
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Thursday
    • Saturday

Also as all Jetstar (Asia and International) flights 3K833 will also depart from Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4.

The Aircraft For The New 3K833 Jetstar Asia Flight

The flight time isn’t exactly short clocking in at 5 hours 20 minutes. Therefore the aircraft chosen for this flight won’t make it exactly the most comfortable of experiences. This Singapore to Wuxi flight will be operated using the Jetstar Asia only aircraft type, the A320 in a very dense configuration.

These planes can hold up to 186 passengers in an all economy cabin with 6 seats abreast (3-3) so make sure you’ll be ok with the flight time and seat type before booking.

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