Major Cabin Revamp in Plan For Jetstar Boeing 787 Fleet

Although not the most comfortable travel option or the most loved for its onboard product offering Jetstar remains one of the major players in the southeast Asia and Australian aviation markets. The airline serves an extensive network of destinations at reasonable fares. However its wide body fleet is moving on in terms of age with the youngest plane already 8 years old. Therefore the carrier has decided to update its hard product and some other aircraft feature to modernise it fleet of long range planes. Here’s what Jetstar has planned for its Boeing 787s.

How The Jetstar Boeing 787 Cabin Interiors Will Change

Some quite significant changes are in store for the only wide body plane currently operated by Jetstar. The 11 Boeing 787-8s cabins will be completely revisited with some major changes that will enable further expansion of the airline’s route network.

Looking at the passenger cabins, both Business Class and Economy Class will change:

  • All seats will be replaced with new generation Recaro products that should be somewhat more comfortable.
  • Business Class seat will be increased from the current 21 up to 44.
  • Economy Class seating will be reduced to 325 from the current 335.
  • In both cabin setback screens will no longer be present. Instead device holders will be introduced.
  • Economy Class seats will have power outlets to charge personal devices.
  • Current seat pitch, in layman’s terms the legroom, will not change from what it currently is.

So looking at this list it seems that there might be some sort of in flight entertainment streaming system, possibly with paid access as currently is, as seatback screens will be removed. The reduction of economy class seats is only the result of the introduction of more premium cabin seats rather than making the seats more comfortable. Also WiFi connectivity will be available, no doubt you’ll need to pay to access it thought.

Jetstar to modernise and update cabins of all its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners

New Crew Rest, Longer Flights Soon To Come?

The biggest change, and most significant in my opinion, doesn’t affect nor is visible to passengers. The most important change regards the crew rest compartment on the Jetstar Boeing 787s. All 11 planes will be fitted with a proper flat bed crew rest compartment. The presence of this area will enable the Jetstar 787-8s to be in line with regulation to operate even longer routes.

The airline hasn’t announced any plans to launch new services. However the new crew rest area, the airline states, will allow to fly routes as far as India or Africa. So it is very possibile that we will see some new flights announced by Jetstar on longer routes with the 787 with the A321neo LR taking over some shorter services.

New Livery On The Jetstar Boeing 787-8s

A more aesthetic change will be the updated livery the 11 Dreamliners will be painted with. This will align with the new color scheme used for the A321neo that joined the fleet earlier this year.

When Will the JQ Dreamliners Be Serviced?

It will however be quite some time before seeing the first retrofitted Jetstar Boeing 787 in service. The first planes will enter servicing starting in 2025. The aircraft retrofitting will probably last the duration of 2025 and spillover into 2026.

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