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Qantas is one of the most well known airlines in the world. The carrier is a lifeline for Australia as it ensures connectivity for millions of Aussie carriers to destinations across the globe. The airline is also one of the few legacy historical carriers to never have had a major accident or an aircraft written off.

The most famous route that the airline operates is the so called Kangaroo Route which connects Sydney to London in the UK. The flight, QF1 makes a stopover in Singapore before flying onwards to its final destination.

In recent years the airline has also specialised in operating ULR services from Perth directly to European destinations, such as:

Finally Qantas has also the ambition to connect its east coast with European destination and US east coast cities. These flights are part of the so called Project Sunrise. This will only become reality when the purpose made A350-1000ULRs will be delivered to Qantas.