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Qantas First A220 and Latest Flying Art Livery Plane Unveiled

Qantas is know for its very unique flying art liveries. Some truly stunning pieces of arte have taken to the sky and soon one more will be ready to do so once again. The first ever Airbus A220 to join the Australian airline will also be painted with one of these special edition liveries.

The New Flying Art Qantas A220 Livery

The newest edition of Qantas’ most special planes has just rolled out of the paint shop. At the moment the aircraft (VH-X4A) is still in the Airbus Mirabel assembly plant in Canada, but it’s already wearing its special new livery.

The paint scheme and the plane were named Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa, which translates to: The Two Sisters Creation Story. The paint job tells the story of two sisters that cross the Australia through its most remote regions to make their way home. An analogy to what the small but versatile Airbus A220 will do once it joins QF.

The color scheme is truly impressive. Although it must be said not as impressive as some previous versions seen on much larger planes.

The first Qantas Airbus A220 Livery

The A220 Joining and Future Deliveries

The little A220, as mentioned, is still in the Montreal Mirabel A220 assembly plant in Canada. It will remain there to conduct post production test before Qantas specific equipment is mounted on it and then it’ll be handed over to the Aussie airline. Then comes the tricky delivery part with the plane having to cross the Pacific Ocean before reaching its new home.

The delivery of the first Airbus A220, VH-X4A, is expected by the end of the year. Other 6 planes of the type will be joining by 2025.

The A220 is an important addition to the QF fleet. These planes will be replacing the Boeing 717s and actually enhancing what their predecessors could offer. The A220’s range offers the airline to connect to any destination in Australia non-stop in a fuel efficient manner.

I’ll be personally looking out for the delivery flight of this special little A220.

Previous Flying Art Liveries

The more impressive editions of Qantas flying art planes include:

  • Wanala Dreaming on a Boeing 747-400ER – On which I travelled as a teenager.
  • Nilanji Dreaming on a Boeing 747-300
  • Yananyi Dreaming on a Boeing 737-800

In all three of these cases the planes were entirely painted with the art and not only the aft portion of the fuselage.

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