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Virgin Australia to Fit New Cabin Interiors on its Planes

Just recently the first new generation Boeing 737 MAX 8 arrived in Brisbane dressing the Virgin Australia livery colours. Along with the technical innovations the new jet will also introduce a completely new cabin interior concept. So let’s find out more about the new Virgin Australia aircraft cabin interior and their plans for the older 737-800 and 737-700.

The New Virgin Australia Cabin Interior Setup

The introduction of the new Virgin Australia cabin interior will be a major upgrade for the airline’s many passengers flying on both domestic and international flights. The Australian carrier will be upgrading both its business class and economy class seats.

Among the main and most important changes to VA’s cabin interiors are:

  • In seat power for all seats in both business and economy class. Allowing passengers to charge their devices while onboard.
  • A completely new seat design which should ensure more comfort. In business class seats will feature leg rests with extendable footrests
  • Larger overhead lockers capable of better accommodating all passenger’s suitcases and personal items.
  • A tablet holder for all economy class seats that so that passengers can view shows and movies comfortably while on board from the in flight entertainment.

Virgin Australia New Business Class Seats

Image by Virgin Australia

The In Flight Entertainment System

Although there aren’t any screens fitted on economy class seats, in flight entertainment will be available on planes featuring the upgraded Virgin Australia cabin.

Passengers will be able to access the in flight entertainment via their personal devices connecting to the onboard Wi-Fi. A selection of shows are movies will be streamable to passenger’s devices which can be placed on the table holders present.

This is a technology many airlines are adopting in order to save costs on installing IFE screens and on their maintenance while still offering entertainment aboard.

The New Virgin Australia Economy Class Seats

Image by Virgin Australia

Which Planes Will Be Getting The Upgraded Cabin?

The first Boeing 737 MAX 8 already features this new and improved version of Virgin Australia’s cabin interiors. Just as the first 737 MAX 8 all other 32 planes will also arrive already fitted with this configuration.

However the remainder of Virgin Australia’s fleet, consisting of Boeing 737-800 and 737-700, will also receive the new cabin interiors. Work on older planes will start this year, 2023. It is expected to last approximately 2 years with a total price tag of 110 Million AUD.

Unfortunately though, not all planes will be retrofitted with WiFi and the entertainment system. The airline stated it’ll be the majority but not 100% of the fleet.

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