Etihad Presents Its New Boeing 787 Business Class

First class is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Many carriers are abandoning this travel class in favour of a more luxurious Business class and, in some cases, combined with the introduction of premium economy. Therefore business class as a hard and soft product has evolved significantly over the past years. Along with many other premium airlines Etihad is also changing its business class to be up to par with new expected standards.

The New Trend in Business Class

As mentioned above, the trend in the post covid aviation industry for many carriers is to phase out first class promoting a higher quality business cabin. This now consolidated trend is pushing business class as a cabin to evolve rapidly. The trailblazer in this aspect has without a doubt been Qatar Airways. The Qatari airline raised the bar like never before by introducing into the market its Q-Suite product. The Qatar Airways product is somewhere in between what we expect from Business and First class cabins and services, therefore pushing many other carriers to play catch up.

The seat with it’s own 4 walls and sliding access door creates an feeling of extreme privacy while touches like dine on demand create that private jet feel that is expected from a first class experience.

The great success that this new approach to business class has had in the aviation industry has pushed other airlines to follow this path. This is the case with Etihad.

Boeing 787-9 Etihad Airways fitted with new business class suites

Etihad Presents Its New Boeing 787 Business Class

Last week at the Dubai Arabian Travel Market expo Etihad revealed its new Dreamliner Business Class seat. It is an evolution of the new seats fitted on the A350. These suites offer extra privacy thanks to their higher walls and the sliding access door. The seats are a custom version of Collins’ Elements business class seat.

The Etihad Elements seat deviates from the standard product mainly because of the presence of the access door. A feature necessary to create the Suite effect which will put Etihad’s business class at par with the best products out there.

etihad new business class suite seat

The cabin layout of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner cabin will be a 1-2-1. This means that all passengers will benefit of direct aisle access. Also EY offers dine on demand service, for that extra special personalised service feeling. To wrap it all up each suite features a massive 17.3 inch 4K screen running the Etihad E-Box entertainment system.

The Abu Dhabi based airline will be receiving 3 Dreamliner fitted with this cabin layout in the last quarter of 2023.

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