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Air Baltic To Become Largest A220 Operator in Europe

The Dubai air show opened for Airbus with the announcement of an order for one of its smallest planes. The plane in question is a passenger favourite, the A220. And it is no surprise that to place the order is non other than Air Baltic, the world’s largest operator of A220-300s. So let’s take a closer look at this order and what it means for the airline and Airbus.

About The Latest Air Baltic A220-300 Order With Airbus

Some exciting news has arrived from Dubai for A220 fans as for Airbus and Air Baltic. The European carrier has increased its order for Airbus A220-300s.

On top of the current 50 unit order the airline has in Airbus’ order book, they will be receiving an additional 30. That bring the total firm A220 orders by Air Baltic at 80.

With a current fleet of 44 A220-300 the carrier is already the largest worldwide A220-300 operator. However with the additional planes it is set to receive, taking into account possibile plane retirements, it will further consolidate this position as a leader in A220 usage.

Air Baltic Orders further 30 Airbus A220-300

Renewed Trust Despite PW GTF Issues

The new order for 30 further planes is a further testament to the commitment of the airline to the A220 programme despite the PW1100 GTF issues that have and will force it to ground part of its fleet. It must be said though that in truth there isn’t a whole lot the airline could do. They did need to place an order to replace and expand the fleet and the A220’s only engine option is the Pratt&Whitney PW1100 GTF.

The Importance of The A220 for Air Baltic

The course of history for Air Baltic changed dramatically since it incorporated in its fleet the Airbus A220. The rise of the little jet has been perfectly synchronised with the expansion of the northern European carrier. So much has the A220 been influential for the success of the airline that it has chosen to operate an all A220 fleet.

Arguably Air Baltic is the airline that expresses the plane’s fullest potential. They utilise it both on short regional style routes along with some pretty long range routes from the Baltic states down to the UAE. The airline will continue to do so with the new arrivals that are part of this additional order with Airbus.

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