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Air France Unveils New Embraer E190 Interiors

Air France is undertaking a very significant effort to revamp many of its older aircraft interiors. If you look at the AF fleet you can literally see the eras that planes have joined the airline in. There are simply put so many different cabin interiors that make it extremely hard to have any type of brand consistency. Therefore it is easily comprehensible why the airline is retrofitting so many of its older planes with newer interiors.

Air France Retrofitting its Embraer E190s With New Cabin Interiors

The retrofitting effort isn’t just something that is happening on the wide body long range fleet. Air France has as a matter of fact announced it’ll be retrofitting some of its smallest jets with new fresh cabin interiors. Specifically it’ll be fitting its regional Embraer E190s with its new modern interiors.

In essence the E190s will get an upgrade that will bring them up to par with the Airbus A220. The interiors that are to be installed on Air France E190 are almost the same to those on the A220. The seats are designed an manufactured in France, collaborating with designer Andrea Mocellin, and Expliseat firm.

What do The New Seats Offer

As they are to be fitted on regional jets they are very basic seats. The entire cabin is fitted with the same economy class seats in a 2-2 layout. Business class, in very European style, will be created by blocking on of the two seats.

These planes will only ever be used on very short hops that don’t need anything fancier than this. From the images provided it seems that the only feature that stands out is the table/smartphone holder present on each seat back and the presence of a USB charging port at each seat.

The retrofitting will take place after the 2024 summer season comes to a close and entry into service of the first retrofitted E190 is scheduled for January 2025.

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