Category - British Airways

British Airways is among the most important and influential airlines in the world. The carrie’s history is a long one with operations dating back to BOAC (British Overseas Air Company). The carrier over the years has evolved from being the link to overseas British territories to a money making machine.

The airline leads the IAG Group with Spanish carrier Iberia and is the main carrier of the OneWorld alliance in Europe. BA operates flights out all main British airports towards its vast European network and out of Heathrow and Gatwick toward all international destinations. With destinations reaching as far as Sydney, Australia.

As mentioned British Airways is part of the OneWorld alliance and has a standing joint venture with American Airlines and Finnair for its services across the Atlantic. A joint venture which competes with the Air France-KLM-Delta-Virgin, joint venture in SkyTeam.

Looking at the frequent flyer programme, BA runs the Executive Club to build up miles on travels. A programme which uses Avios miles as a currency. A currency shared by another number of carriers such as:

  • Finnair
  • Qatar Airways
  • Iberia