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Latest News And Updates on ITA Airways

In late 2021 Alitalia, the historical Italian flag carrier, ceased operations only to give way to a new company that started operations the very next day. The new airline is ITA Airways. Where ITA stands for Italia Trasporto Aereo, or translated into English: Italy Air Transport.

ITA Airways inherited part of the old airline’s ground staff, cabin and flight crew along with approximately 60 planes. However there is a lot going on in terms of fleet. Many of those initial 60 aircraft are being replaced with more fuel efficient and modern jets. Also in coming months and years the fleet is set to be further expanded enabling ITA Airways to open new routes and strengthen its position in key markets such as the US, India and the far east.

A330-200 ITA Airways in livrea Alitalia

There so much going on around ITA Airways, as the airline is also in the process of being sold. It’s likely that the new owner will be the Lufthansa group. If the deal goes through ITA Airways will also be almost forced to jump ship from the Skyteam alliance to join the Lufthansa centric Star Alliance.

In essence make sure to come back regularly here to get the latest and most relevant news regarding ITA Airways in terms of fleet expansion, route network expansion and operational updates. Also we’ll keep a close look on how the sale of the airline will move forward and how it will change the airline’s policies.