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What Does ITA Airways Economy Light Include and What Not?

The way we travel has changed dramatically since the ’90s. Airlines sell tickets in a very different fashion to how they used to in the past. The main disruptive event for legacy and full service airlines has been the powerful rise of the low cost carriers and their business model. LCCs have made travel accessible to many and have also forced many full service carriers to modify their operations. Specifically they have forced full service carriers to adopt and operate very similarly to LCCs on short to medium haul flights. This is also the case with Italy’s new national carrier ITA Airways and its Economy Light fare. So let’s take a closer look at what this fare includes, what it doesn’t and if you should book it or not.

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The Logic of ITA’s Economy Light Fare

Economy Light has become more and more common across many carriers in modern civil aviation. But why has it come into existence and what is the logic and reasoning of having a fare with so many limitations?

Full service and legacy airlines around the world found themselves in quite a predicament with the rise of low cost carriers. They had to somehow compete with the LCCs fares while maintaining a higher service level. They could either give up to the idea of losing all price sensitive travellers to the LCCs or they had to fight back in some way. That’s why many airlines came up with Light fares.

Full service carriers, such as ITA Airways, to remain competitive on short and medium haul adopted an LCC-like business model. ITA and other full service airlines are able to be quite competitive on fares against budget airlines by reducing to the bare minimum what they include in their Economy Light fares.

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What Does ITA Airways’ Economy Light fare Include?

There really isn’t all that much included in ITA Airways’ Economy Light fare. Basically included in the fare are:

  • 1 Cabin bag under 8kg in weight
  • 1 Small purse or bag
  • Food and snacks onboard as offered to all other passengers.

But that’s pretty much it. Anything on top of these 3 services is either not available or will come at an extra cost. In essence you’ll get the bare minimum you need to get from point A to point B with a better service and seat than what is offered on budget airlines.

Can I Modify Light Fare?

No, you won’t be allowed or able to modify in any way the name on your booking in Economy Light once it has been confirmed. So be extra careful when booking not to waste your hard earned money. Non possiamo in alcuno modo modificare il nominativo del biglietto acquistato. Quindi, attenzione quando prenotate perché una volta confermata la prenotazione il nome sul biglietto dovrà coincidere con il viaggiatore.

It is although possible to change the flight we intend to travel on however this of course comes at a cost. Up to a maximum of €65,00 will be charged to change flight time or date. So, once again, pay attention when booking your flight to avoid additional costs.

An ITA Airways Airbus A320 taxiing at Amsterdam Schiphol international airport, one of the planes on which it is possible to fly in Economy Light.

Is it Possible to Add a Checked Bag After Booking My Flight?

Yes it is, however as for the time and date change you will need to pay an additional cost. If you book it online prices will be cheaper, while they’ll be higher if the baggage item is added to your booking at the airport. Keep in mind that if you need extra bags you might be better off booking a different fare type.

What Airport Services Are Included in ITA Light Fares?

If you don’t hold a premium status with any frequent flyer programme you won’t get much out of your airport experience when flying on an ITA Airways Economy Light fare.

Starting from checkin, you’ll need to complete the process online before reaching your departure airport. If you forget to check in online you’ll have to pay a premium to use the airport desks, which once again defies the purpose of booking the cheapest fare option.

You won’t have any fast track privileges, no airport lounge access or priority boarding if not provided by a frequent flyers status.

Is it Possible To Get a Refund For ITA Airways Economy Light Tickets?

No, that’s the short and (not so) sweet answer. Under no circumstances is it possible to get a refund for a flight booked in Economy Light fare.

Should I Book a Ticket on ITA Airways’ Economy Light Fare?

Well the answer to this question is: it depends. If you find a ridiculously low fare for a flight you intended to book and you don’t need any extra or hold luggage, then that’s a green light.

On the other hand if you need greater flexibility or checked bags, avoid booking an Economy Light ticket.

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