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Lufthansa Adds 2 Airbus A380 Services From Munich in Winter 2023

Although it seemed that the love hate relationship between Lufthansa and the mighty Airbus A380 had come to an end with covid, the aircraft is making a significant comeback in 2023 with the German flag carrier. The airline will be deploying the largest aircraft in its fleet, recently brought back from storage, on 2 of its busiest sectors. Let’s find out which ones and how these new A380 services will operate.

As we are all learning in these first months the main issue airlines are facing is coping with demand. All airlines are having problems providing capacity as fleets and pilots are in a short supply. That’s the main reason the German airline, as other A380 operators, has brought back into service the plane with the highest capacity of them all.

The New Lufthansa A380 Destinations For Winter 2023

In early 2023 Lufthansa had announced it would be flying the A380 in summer of 2023 to the US east coast with services to Boston and New York JFK. Its breaking news that LH will be adding, for the 2023 winter season, 2 more services using the giant double decker jet. One more to the US and another to southeast Asia.

Starting October 5th 2023 Lufthansa will deploy its A380 to Los Angeles LAX airport from its base in Munich Airport (MUC). Therefore making it the longest LH active ULR flight on the A380. However the A380 Munich to Los Angeles flight will not be an entirely new service. Currently the German airline already flies daily to LAX using its A350-900s. Therefore it is more of a equipment swap rather than a route opening.

Munich to Los Angeles Flight Service

  • Flight LH452 departs Munich (MUC) at 12:20 arriving into Los Angeles (LAX) at 15:20. Estimated flight time is 10 hours 45 minutes.
  • Return flight LH453 departs Los Angeles (LAX) at 17:10 arriving back into Munich (MUC) at 13:15 the next day. Estimated flight time of 12 hours 10 minutes.

The other destination that will welcome the LH Airbus A380 is Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK). This will also be a daily service, flight LH772, and just as for LAX the A380 will be replacing the smaller A350-900.

Munich to Bangkok Flight Service

  • Flight LH772 departs Munich (MUC) at 22:25 arriving into Bangkok (BKK) at 14:10 the next day. Estimated flight time is 10 hours 45 minutes.
  • Return flight LH773 departs Bangkok (BKK) at 23:40 arriving back into Munich (MUC) at 05:50 the next morning. Estimated flight time of 12 hours 10 minutes.

Lufthansa A380 for flights to LAX and Bangkok

The Lufthansa A380 Configuration

Now that we know which new destinations the Lufthansa A380s will be deployed to in coming months, let’s take a quick look at how their cabins are configured. LH fitted its A380s with:

  • 8 First Class open Suites
  • 78 Business Class flat bed seats
  • 52 Premium Economy Seats
  • 371 Economy Class Seats

To find out how to sit on the upper deck while flying economy you can check out this post.

Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 on Takeoff from LAX

The Other LH Network Updates

There is one last piece of news regarding the German flag carrier’s network. Lufthansa will be further enhancing its services to India with a 3 times weekly flight from Munich to Bangalore. This flight however won’t be served by the A380. Instead its smaller brother, the Airbus A350-900 will be used. The new flight LH764 will operate with this schedule:

Munich to Bangalore Flight Service

  • Flight LH764 departs Munich (MUC) at 12:10 arriving into Bangalore (BLR) at 01:10 the next day. Estimated flight time is 8 hours 30 minutes.
  • Return flight LH765 departs Bangalore (BLR) at 03:00 arriving back into Munich (MUC) at 08:15 the next morning. Estimated flight time of 9 hours 45 minutes.

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