Lufthansa Now Offers Downtown Checkin in Seoul

South Korea has become a financial and industrial powerhouse in east Asia. More and more travellers from around the world travel to the country every single year on business or leisure. Lufthansa and the airline group it leads is no doubt got its eyes well focused on this strategic market and is now offering a new ancillary service for passengers travelling from and to Seoul.

Downtown Lufthansa Checkin in Downtown Seoul

Lufthansa now allows its passengers to check in for their flight even before reaching the airport in Seoul Incheon. If you’re flying LH from now on and you are making your way to the airport via train departing from Seoul Central train station, you can check in there.

Therefore you’ll skip the queues at the airport, which can come in handy particularly if you’re travelling economy. Just make sure you’re flying Lufthansa and that you are travelling to the airport aboard an AREX service. AREX is the airport express train, you can find more info on that in this other post here on my site.

This is part of a much bigger deal that allows intermodal seamless travel across flight and train transport between Lufthansa and KoRail.

Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 which regularly flies to Seoul Incheon airport. You can now check in at Seoul Central train station for your LH flight departing Incheon international airport.
Lufthansa Airbus A350-900 which regularly serves South Korea

What Makes This Unique?

Well it is uncommon that airlines strike deals of this sort and offer downtown checkin in countries that are not their base. ITA just recently launched this service in Rome Termini station for instance and Cathay Pacific has been offering it for decades now in downtown Hong Kong. There aren’t however all that many examples of this happening with foreign airlines in any given country.

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