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Norse Atlantic Adds Low Cost Flights To Miami From Berlin and Paris

Norse Atlantic has been trying to make a name for itself in the cutthroat competitive market of transatlantic flights between the US and Europe. The business model is quite same as the one Norwegian used to apply, only time will tell if the bottom line will be different for this young Scandinavian airline. As of July 2023 the focus of Norse is to increase its footprint in the market by further expanding its network. The latest expansions to the Norse network to be announced are the flights to Berlin and Paris from Miami. So let’s take a closer look at how they’ll work and operate.

Norse Atlantic To Commence Flights to Berlin and Paris in Late 2023

The long haul low cost carrier Norse Atlantic will start serving two new routes in the closing stages of 2023. The plan for the airline is to start operating flights from Miami (MIA) to Berlin (BER) and Paris (CDG).

Norse already operates flights in and out of Berlin and Paris, however those flights are to New York’s JFK International Airport. The flights between Miami, Berlin and Paris will start operations on:

  • Flight N0623 Miami (MIA) to Berlin (BER) starting December 15th 2023.
  • Flight N0323 Miami (MIA) to Paris (CDG) starting December 11th 2023
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Norse Flight N0623 Berlin to Miami Schedule

Initially the new Miami to Berlin Norse flight will only be served on a once per week frequency.

  • Flights will fly from Miami to Berlin every Thursday
  • Berlin to Miami will have flights every Friday

As for the schedule of the flight, this is how N0623 will operate starting December 15th 2023:

Flight NumberDeparture AirportAirport CodeDeparture TimeArrival AirportAirport CodeArrival TimeFlight Duration
Norse Atlantic LogoN0624MiamiMIA20:00BerlinBER11:15+19hrs 15min
Norse Atlantic LogoN0623BerlinBER13:15MiamiMIA18:0010hrs 45min

Ala Boeing 787 Norse Atlantic Airways for new flights to the US

Norse Flight N0323 Paris to Miami Schedule

On the other hand the Paris to Miami sector will se a significantly greater number of flights from the get go. Norse Atlantic flight N0323 operating the Paris to Miami flight will start operations with 4 weekly flights operating every:

  • Miami to Paris:
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    • Paris to Miami:
      • Wednesday
      • Thursday
      • Sunday
      • Monday

      The schedule of these 4 weekly new Norse flights to the US will be as follows:

      Flight NumberDeparture AirportAirport CodeDeparture TimeArrival AirportAirport CodeArrival TimeFlight Duration
      Norse Atlantic LogoN0324MiamiMIA20:00ParisCDG11:00+19hrs 00min
      Norse Atlantic LogoN0323ParisCDG13:50MiamiMIA17:459hrs 55min

      The Current Norse Route Map

      These 2 new services in and out of Miami international airport (MIA) bring the the total number of Norse routes to 14. All are transatlantic routes as this is the airline’s core business.

      Norse Atlantic Route Map in December 2023

      Map by

      This is what the Norse route map will look like by the end of 2023.

      Flight NumberDeparture AirportAirport CodeArrival AirportAirport Code
      Norse Atlantic LogoN01OsloOSLNew York JFKJFK
      Norse Atlantic LogoN0601BerlinBERNew York JFKJFK
      Norse Atlantic LogoN0401RomeFCONew York JFKJFK
      Norse Atlantic LogoN0301ParisCDGNew York JFKJFK
      Norse Atlantic LogoN011OsloOSLLos AngelesLAX
      Norse Atlantic LogoN021OsloOSLFort LauderdaleFLL
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0722LondonLGWFort LauderdaleFLL
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0712London GatwickLGWLos AngelesLAX
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0702London GatwickLGWNew York JFKJFK
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0781London GatwickLGWOrlandoMCO
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0784London GatwickLGWOrlandoMCO
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0732London GatwickLGWSan FranciscoSFO
      Norse Atlantic LogoZ0741London GatwickLGWWashington DCIAD

      The Planes For The New Norse Atlantic Flight to the US

      Norse, as most low cost carriers do, operates a one aircraft type fleet. The Norwegian airline chose the American made Boeing 787-9. All planes feature the same layout with a capacity of 238 passengers in a 2 class configuration:

      • 56 Premium Economy Seats in a 2-3-2 layout
      • 282 Economy Class Seats in a 3-3-3 layout

      All seats are pretty much created equal with no seat in Premium or Standard Economy standing out for extra comfort, except bulkhead rows and emergency exits.

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