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Ryanair Expands Operations at Bournemouth and Bristol Airports in 2023

Ryanair, the European giant of low fare flights, is ready to expand its operation in two airports in the UK in the coming year. These upgrades will create new jobs and of course significantly boost available seats. Let’s find out exactly what the news is all about.

The Ryanair Upgrade to Bournemouth and Bristol Airports

The Irish airline will be increasing capacity flights and aircrafts based in the airports of Bournemouth and Bristol ahead of the 2023 summer season. Clearly the intention is to intercept holiday makers helping them get to and from their vacation destinations.

What Will Happen at Bristol

Bristol Airport will see the arrival of a new 737 8-200 bringing the total planes base there to 5. The extra plane at the base will allow Ryanair to open new destinations and increase frequency to new ones.

Specifically the new destinations that will become available from Bristol Airport flying with Ryanair are:

  • Bydgoszcz (Poland)
  • Porto (Portugal)
  • Marseille (France
  • Venice (Italy)

Flights that will instead see increased available seats and capacity are:

  • Dublin
  • Limoges
  • Milan
  • Palma

Ryanair powers up operations at Bristol and Bournemouth Airports

What Will Happen at Bournemouth

Bournemouth Airport will also see a new 737 8-200 arrive in 2023 to help boost operations in the summer season. In the case of Bournemouth the new plane will double the fleet based here bringing the grand total to 2 planes.

As said for Bristol, even Bournemouth Airport will see new flight start operations in 2023 and other have an increased capacity and frequency.

The new flights that FR will operate from this airport include:

  • Carcassone (France)
  • Edinburgh (Scotland)
  • Venice (Italy)

Four other flights will also benefit of the presence of this new aircraft at the base. Here are which ones will have an increased capacity or frequency:

  • Alicante (Spain)
  • Faro (Portugal)
  • Girona (Spain)
  • Palma (Spain)

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