Ryanair Places Order For Up To 300 737 MAX Jets

Ryanair is among the largest users of Boeing 737 aircraft as all its flights operate on this type. The Irish low cost carrier has a common practice of keeping its age quite young. This helps keep expensive check costs under control along with having a very fuel efficient fleet. Something of fundamental importance for a budget airline where every penny matters. The last order Ryanair placed was during the 737 Max grounding and there were rumours that and order would have to soon be placed with American manufacturer Boeing. That order, at least the announcement, arrived today. Let’s take a closer look at Ryanair’s huge Boeing 737 MAX order.

About Ryanair’s Latest Boeing 737 Order

Ryanair had been beating around the bush for quite some time regarding a new order to be placed with Boeing. The budget airline had placed its previous order during the 737 MAX grounding which had allowed it to get an extremely favourable deal with the manufacturer. This is not the case for this order. Although FR has surely gotten a hefty discount on the large number of planes ordered the price cannot be as advantageous as it was with the previous batch of 737s. That is exactly the reason why Ryanair took so long to place its new order, trying to get the best possibile deal.

Looking at the deal itself Ryanair has ordered a whopping 150 Boeing 737-10. The airline also has an option to purchase further 150 of the type. That would bring the total ordered figure to a maximum of 300 aircraft. This is the biggest plane order in the history of Ryanair.

Ryanair places its largest order ever of 737 MAX with Boeing

The Advantages The New 737 MAX Will Bring

The main advantages the new 737-10 will offer FR are 2:

  • The order will further increase the fleet’s fuel efficiency, by replacing older less efficient planes. Something that on the large scale of flights operated will translate to substantial savings for the airline.
  • The Boeing 737-10 is significantly larger than the 737-8-200 with a capacity of almost 30 more seats (228 vs 197). This translates to the ability to increase capacity on its busiest routes and scale up the number of passengers carried.

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