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Aviation Capital Group Delivers an A320neo to SAS

2023 has been a year of big fleet changes and aircraft orders for airline and leasing companies around the globe. Leasing companies are often a fast track for airlines to acquire new needed jets to fuel expansions and growth. That’s exactly what I’m covering in this post. Aviation Capital Group has announced an aircraft delivery to SAS. Let’s take a closer look at what the news is all about.

Aviation Capital Group Delivers an A320neo to SAS

SAS received from Aviation Capital Group a new Airbus A320neo. The jet arrived into the SAS fleet as part of o sale-leaseback transaction the airline and the firm have ongoing.

This plane is the 5th plane to be delivered to SAS with 5 more yet to arrive in coming months. What is interesting to note is that the engine chosen to power the SAS Airbus A320neo is not the highly efficient but troublesome PW1100 GTF, but the CFM LEAP-1A.

Leasing Firm Aviation Capital Group delivers A320neo to SAS

An All Airbus Fleet And Narrow Body Heavy

The arrival of these new generation A320neo pushes the airline’s fleet more and more to a narrow body aircraft heavy fleet. It is clear that the Scandinavian airline’s main focus will be intraeuropean connectivity with a small number of major long haul routes and many long and possibly a bigger quantity of thin and long routes.

The airline is also now almost and Airbus only operator. SAS retired just a couple of weeks ago the last of its Boeing 737s, which was also the last plane from that manufacturer. The only planes remaining in the fleet that aren’t Airbus produced are the tiny ATR 72 turboprops.

What will be really interesting to see is how the airline will evolve once it starts moving closer to the Air France-KLM universe. I for sure will be keeping a an eye out for any news relating to this topic.

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