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Swiss, or formally known as Swiss International Air Lines, is the flag carrier of the small but influential nation of Switzerland. The carrier came into existence in the early 2000s following the Swissair bankruptcy.

Swissair was quite a successful and influential airline in the ’80s and ’90s which was dragged down by some very poorly investment decisions that blew out of proportion the airline’s debt. However the final straw were the events of 9/11 which made it virtually impossible for the carrier to survive. That’s when the Swiss government stepped in to salvage whatever possible of the carrier creating the modern Swiss International Air Lines.

With the airline freed of the massive debt, the Lufthansa Group just couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to get its hands on such an influential asset. Swiss is to date renown for its luxury product and in many aspects offers a better premium experience than its parent company Lufthansa in both First Class and Business Class.

Lufthansa cleverly realised this and geared the airline up for success investing in both Swiss’ operations and its Zurich Airport Hub.