Swiss Makes Free Messaging WiFi Services Available on Long Haul Flights

In past months we’ve seen many airlines make basic WiFi services available to all passengers on their flights. Etihad and Emirates made the move earlier this year and SWISS is following suit now. So let’s find out what the news is all about and how passengers can take advantage of this new service.

What Kind of WiFi Connection will SWISS Offer?

Just as for the before mentioned Etihad and Emirates, SWISS will be offering the most basic internet connectivity for free to all passengers. That would be the messaging package, which offers connectivity to use popular chatting apps such as:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Telegram

The usage of these services will e available on all device types and not limited to just to mobile devices.

Which Flights Will Have Free Messaging WiFi Services?

There is one condition to the availability of the WiFi connectivity aboard SWISS flights. The messaging WiFi services will be active and free to access only for passengers travelling on the Helvetic airline’s long haul sectors. To simple it down you’ll need to be travelling on one of the carrier’s wide body aircrafts.

Swiss offers complimentary messaging app internet access

Starting When Will WiFi be Free on SWISS?

As mentioned in the prior paragraph internet messaging services will be free only on long haul services. The launch date for the free access to the onboard connectivity is August 2nd 2023.

Passengers on flights after this date will have free access to messaging services regardless of travel class aboard SWISS long range flights.

How Do You Access The Onboard WiFi?

As common sense suggests, there is no such thing as a free meal right? Well that is kind of the case with the free WiFi services on SWISS too. To access the service you’ll need to register a Travel ID on the carrier’s site, hence giving up some personal info in exchange for the free messaging services.

SWISS Tail View from Zurich Airport Lounge

Extra Perks For First Class and HON Circle Passengers?

As you might expect if you are travelling first class or are a HON Circle member (highest Lufthansa Group frequent flyer status) you get some significant extra perks.

If you fall into one of these two categories you will be offered complimentary access to the open unlimited internet package for the duration of the flight.

How Much does Extra Internet Access Cost on SWISS?

If you aren’t a first class or a HON Circle member and wish to surf the internet you can opt to purchase access to the internet.

SWISS offers 2 packages, above the free messaging package, which are:

  • WiFi 4 Hours at a cost of 25 CHF (Approximately 29 USD or 26 Euro)
  • WiFi Premium (entire flight) at a costo of 35 CHF (Approximately 39 USD or 36 Euro)

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