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Which Travel Classes Does British Airways Offer?

British Airways, just like many other airlines around the world, has rebranded its travel classes. The idea is to make the product sound unique an move away from the traditional travel class names used on most airlines. However this means that to passengers new to British Airways the class names can be quite confusing to say the least. So let’s explain which are BA’s travel classes and their name.

The Distinction on British Airways Travel Class Names

First thing we need to talk about and get out of the way is how travel classes change name on European and long haul flights. Yes that’s right you might be travelling in Economy Class but depending on what route you are on it’ll have a different name.

Therefore in this post I’ll be splitting travel classes in Domestic/European and long haul extra EU flights. With that out of the way let’s move on to the travel classes themselves.

British Airways Airbus A319 European Fleet Taxiing

The BA Travel Classes in Europe

When travelling from and to the UK and European destinations there are only two classes of travel available to passengers. To be more precise for some destinations, mainly domestic within the UK, there will be only one class of travel available. So the two classes of travel available on British Airways in Europe and UK are:

  • Economy Class which on European flights is Euro Traveller
  • Business Class which on European flights is Club Europe

Although there are two classes of travel on British Airways on European flights don’t expect anything luxurious. Simply because Business class on British Airways’ narrow body fleet consists of the same seats as economy class (3-3 configuration) with the central seat blocked.

Using the BA short range planes in such a manner grants the airline great operational flexibility as they can use the same aircraft even in a 1 class configuration.

British Airways Long Range travel classes

The British Airways Travel Classes on Long Haul Flights

On long haul British Airways flights travel classes become 4, however one of these is only available on selected destinations. The BA long haul travel classes are:

  • First class which remains called First class on BA. However this is the travel class which is available only on a selection of destinations. First class is present on the part of the airline’s A380, Boeing 777 and Boeing 787 fleets.
  • Business Class becomes Club World on BA long haul flights.
  • Premium Economy Class becomes World Traveller Plus in BA flights
  • Economy Class becomes World Traveller on BA long haul flights

Although there are planes in the British Airways fleet fitted with first class, a lot of long haul flights will have as highest travel class Business (or Club World).

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