Middle Eastern Airline News And Insights

The middle east over the past 30 years has arguably become the center of attention when it comes to aviation and airlines. The region is home to at least 3 of the largest airlines in the world:

  • Etihad Airways (Based in Abu Dhabi)
  • Emirates (Based in Dubai)
  • Qatar Airways (Based in Doha)

These airlines took advantage of their strategic position exactly half way between Asia, Australia and Europe.

Unsurprisingly the core business of airlines in the middle east region is flights from and to these markets. They have in fact specialised in connecting flights to such an extent that their precision has renown world wide.

News and insights of airlines in the Middle East

The sheer size of the airlines in this area ensures that news about new flights and operations is never lacking. There is always news regarding new flights to and from cities around the world or aircraft orders and deliveries.

So make sure to come back on a regular basis to get the latest and freshest news coming from the airlines in the Middle East.