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Emirates Revisits its Livery Color Scheme

Middle eastern carrier Emirates had some big news for the public today. The airline is revisiting and touching up its livery color scheme for the first time since 2005. Lets then take a closer look at how the iconic Emirates livery will change. Spoiler alert, it won’t change a lot.

The First Change To Emirates’ Livery since 2005

As mentioned in the opening paragraph of this post this is the first change to the Emirates livery color scheme since 2005. Back then the airline introduced the belly logo, making its planes even easier to spot and identify to people walking below. A very smart marketing move by the airline that then saw many other carriers follow in the trend marked by EK.

Emirates Livery Evolution

Where Will The Biggest Changes Appear on Emirates Planes?

Don’t worry Emirates isn’t changing its colours, the airline’s planes will still have the same old white fuselage with Emirates printed in gold on either side.

What will change are the tail area, where the UAE flag wraps around the vertical stabiliser, and the wingtip winglets. Clearly the latter change will apply only to planes that feature the winglets.

Emirates New Inner Winglet paint job

The flag in the aft portion of the fuselage will have a completely new styling with a much more modern look and feel. There will be a game of color tones and shades in the flag that will give it a more interesting look, that is my personal opinion though.

The winglets on the inner face will also feature a much smaller, of course, flag. The outer face of the winglets on the other hang will still feature the iconic Emirates logo but will now be completely painted in the signature EK red.

New Emirates Livery Winglets and Tail

Small changes to make the planes look and feel in tune with modern times.

How The Livery will Roll Out

All new Emirates deliveries, starting 2024, will be delivered already painted in the new livery. However Emirates will gradually repaing all other aircraft, with the first, an Airbus A380 A6-EOE, already having returned to service with the new paint job. 24 Planes of the EK fleet will get the new paint job by the end of 2023. That includes 17 Boeing 777.

New Emirates Livery Tail Colors

Images: Emirates

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