Emirates Acquires The Largest Indoor Vertical Farm

Strictly speaking this post’s topic isn’t aviation, however it has an important connection to the world of civil aviation. This post’s topic are leafy greens. Doesn’t really sound exciting right? But don’t run away just yet. What if I told you that these leafy greens are connected to Emirates, one of the world’s largest carriers and that if you’ve travelled EK you’ve probably eaten some of these greens?

In this post:

Emirates Acquires 100% of Bustanica

Now, if you hadn’t read the introductory paragraph you might be there scratching your head thinking what Bustanica might be. If you did read it then you should already have a pretty clear idea by now.

Today’s story is about Emirates, specifically Emirates Flight Catering, acquiring 100% of shares of Bustanica. What is Bustanica I hear you ask? I’m glad you asked.

Bustanica, formerly Emirates Crop One, is a high tech company growing leafy greens in an indoor vertical environment. What does that mean? That they grow vegetables in stacks that take up a lot less space than traditional crops. Also the technology used to grow these greens requires 95% less water compared to traditional cultivation.

That is huge considering that Bustanica is based in the UAE and how water is a precious resource particularly in this part of the world. Now the company not only is based in the UAE but also is 100% UAE owned, since Emirates acquired all stocks.

Emirates Acquires Bustanica Leafy Green UAE Company

Why Is It a Big Deal?

Mainly because now EK has full control over one of its main suppliers of leafy greens for its catering in the UAE. However Bustanica is more than just Emirates’ supplier. The company stocks many of Dubai’s supermarkets with greens.

Also it is important as a marketing tool. Having a produce company that saves so much water is good from a marketing standpoint. I’m sure Emirates will make the most of the positive environmentally friendly image Bustanica offers.

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