Emirates Adds Another Flight From Dubai to Hong Kong in Winter 2023

Emirates is the largest supplier of airplane seats for travellers between Hong Kong and the UAE. The Dubai based airline by far surpasses Cathay Pacific which is the other airline offering flights between the two regions. However Emirates is ready to further up its game on the Dubai to Hong Kong route with the addition of a new service, coming in winter 2023. Here are all the details of the airline’s new flight EK382 from Dubai to Hong Kong.

The Existing EK Flights From Dubai to Hong Kong

At the moment, before the launch of this new service EK382, Emirates offers 2 daily flights from its DXB base to Hong Kong International Airport. With these 2 services differing from one and other, as:

  • EK380 offers a direct non stop connection from Dubai (DXB) to Hong Kong (HKG).
  • EK384 offers a service from Dubai (DXB) to Hong Kong (HKG) with a short stopover at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK).

Both these existing services are covered using the largest plane available in the EK fleet: the Airbus A380.

Current Emirates Dubai to Hong Kong Routes

Image by GCmap.com

The Emirates EK382 Flight Details From Dubai to Hong Kong

The new flight, EK382, will also be a direct non stop flight from Dubai to Hong Kong. The flight will add a significant amount of available seats and also greater timing flexibility to travellers.

However the new EK382 Dubai to Hong Kong Emirates service isn’t initially planned to be a year round presence in the EK network. It will be a seasonal flight offering flights during the winter season. Clearly the goal is to intercept the traffic uptick brought on by the Christmas festivities. As of September 2023 flight EK382 will:

  • Start operations on November 1st 2023
  • End operations on March 30th 2024

As for the schedule of the new EK382 Dubai to Hong Kong flight, this is how it’ll work while active:

Emirates LogoEK382Dubai
Hong Kong
Emirates LogoEK383Hong Kong

Emirates Boeing 777-300ER for new EK382 service from Dubai to Hong Kong

The Plane For the New Dubai to Hong Kong EK382 Flight

The plane will differ from the other two existing Dubai to Hong Kong flights operated by Emirates. In the case of this third Emirates daily flight to Hong Kong the plane chosen won’t be the Airbus A380 but the Boeing 777-300ER. EK will fly its 3 class version of the jet on the route starting November 1st 2023. The 3 class Boeing 777-300ER can accomodate on a full load:

  • 8 First Class Passengers in its suites in a 1-2-1 layout
  • 42 Business Class Passengers in flat bead seats in a 2-3-2 layout
  • 310/306/304 Economy Class seats in a standard 3-4-3 layout

A couple of seat selection tips:

  • Avoid at all cost the central business class seat, especially if travelling alone. You’ll have very little privacy and could feel stuck between the other two passengers.
  • If travelling as a couple in Economy class, you might be interested in the last 4 rows of the cabin. There the fuselage narrows down and by the windows there are only 2 seats instead of the usual 3. However the drawback is that you are closer to the washrooms and the galley, which means more noise and people passing by.

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