Emirates EK707 5th Freedom Flights to Madagascar

Emirates is arguably the airline with the fastest evolving route network. The Dubai based airlines has just started operations from Miami to Bogotà and it has just announced yet another destination to add to the list and yet another 5th freedom operation. The new destination is Antananarivo on the island of Madagascar.

Emirates EK707 New 5th Freedom Flight to Antananarivo

So Emirates is expanding yet again its route network. This time the Dubai based carrier will be branching out into a country it had never served before, Madagascar. As mentioned this flight will be a fifth freedom flight, if you are curious about what these are and how they work, this post will get you up to speed.

The first flight is scheduled to operate on September 3rd 2024. Madagascar’s economy is heavily reliant on tourism, therefore it easily foreseeable that this flight is aiming to intercept holiday makers from Europe and Asia, particularly during the winter season.

The flight will operate 4 times a week making a stopover in the Seychelles before making its way down to Antananarivo. Emirates EK707 flight is, as every other service in the network, optimised to offer seamless transits in Dubai international airport for passenger travelling from and to Europe and East Asia. During the stop in Mahe, Seychelles, Emirates EK707 will unload and load passengers and cargo.

Emirates LogoEK707Dubai
Emirates LogoEK707Seychelles
Emirates LogoEK708Antananarivo
Emirates LogoEK708Seychelles
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER on landing, the same plane the airline will be operating the new flight Dubai to Antananarivo via Seychelles on EK707.
Emirates Boeing 777-300ER on final approach

Only One Aircraft Option For EK707

Having to make a stop in Mahe, Seychelles, for operational reasons Emirates EK707 has no other option than using the Boeing 777-300ER. The other aircraft type the carrier uses just couldn’t fit in either 2 airports on the route, the A380. However we do know that it’ll be jet configured with 3 travel classes. Specifically:

  • 6 or 8 First Class Suites
  • 42 Business Class Seats
  • 306/308/310 Economy class seats

These planes feature the infamous middle business class seat that leaves you trapped between two passengers fro the duration of the flight. Also window seats do not have direct aisle access on these planes in business class. Keep that in mind when booking your ticket on Emirates EK707.

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