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Emirates Introduces Premium Economy on 2 Indian Flights

A few months ago here on TTWWU we talked about how Emirates initiated a massive operation apply the new livery on its planes along with fitting them with the new updated cabin interior. The new cabin interior included the presence of Premium Economy on the Airbus A380. The effects of the airline’s efforts are starting to become visible as these planes return to service. This is will be all the more tangible on 2 flights to India that will soon feature the Emirates Premium Economy cabin.

Which Indian Flights Will Get The A380 With Premium Economy?

The two Emirates destinations that will be benefitting of the arrival of the retrofitted Airbus A380 featuring Premium Economy will be:

  • Mumbai (BOM) on flight EK500
  • Bengaluru (BLR) on flight EK568

Therefore passengers travelling on these specific services will have the opportunity to choose from 4 different travel classes. Along with Premium Economy, the options include: First, Business and Economy Class.

Starting When Will Premium Economy be Available on Flights From Dubai To Mumbai and Bengaluru?

It won’t happen immediately. If you’re travelling in the next couple of months you still won’t be able to opt for Premium Economy on these two Emirates sectors.

The retrofitted Airbus A380s offering Premium Economy will be active on this route starting October 29th 2023. However you can already book you trip in this travel class.

Interior of Emirates Airbus A380

What is The Schedule of Emirates Flights EK500 and EK568?

The Emirates Dubai-Mumbai and Dubai-Bengaluru flights offering Premium Economy as a travel class option will operate according to this schedule:

Dubai-Mumbai (DXB-BOM)

  • Flight EK500 will depart Dubai (DXB) at 21:50 arriving into Mumbai (BOM) at 02:15, the next day.
  • Return flight EK501 will depart Mumbai (BOM) at 04:15 arriving back into Dubai (DXB) at 06:05

Dubai-Bengaluru (DXB-BLR)

  • Flight EK500 will depart Dubai (DXB) at 21:25 arriving into Bengaluru (BLR) at 02:30, the next day.
  • Return flight EK501 will depart Bengaluru (BLR) at 04:30 arriving back into Dubai (DXB) at 07:10

From a crew prospective these two flights are both turnaround flights. Find out here what that means.

Emirates introduces Premium Economy on flights from Dubai to Mumbai and Bengaluru

What is The EK Airbus A380 4 Class Configuration?

Emirates as an airline offers the vastest variety of Airbus A380 configurations. However the one we are interests us in this post is the 4 class configuration, which features:

  • 14 First Class Suites
  • 76 Business Class Seats
  • 56 Premium Economy Class Seats
  • 338 Economy Class Seats

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