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First Qatar Airways 787 Opens Flight From Doha to Dusseldorf

News of routes reopening, or as in this case opening, is on the daily basis these days with restrictions being lifted across the world. In this case the news is the opening of a new route from the Middle East to Europe. To be more specific Qatar Airways flight QR85 from Doha, Qatar, to Dusseldorf, Germany. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this new flight.

The Arrival of the First Qatar Airways Flight in Dusseldorf

Yesterday, November 15th 2022, the first Qatar Airways aircraft landed in Dusseldorf’s international airport and received a water cannon salute.

The flight between Doha and Dusseldorf is now the 4th connection Qatar Airways offers passengers travelling from Qatar to Germany. This greatly increases the weekly seat availability and options for travellers flying in and out of Germany.

The aircraft chosen to make the maiden flight a Boeing 787-9 registered A7-BCY, which has been in Qatar Airways’ fleet since late 2015. This particular aircraft is often used on European sectors.

Qatar Airways New Doha Dusseldorf QR85 Flight
Photo Qatar Airways

The Schedule of Flight QR85 Doha Dusseldorf

As mentioned the introduction of this flight will greatly boost seats available between Germany and all of QR’s network of over 150 destinations worldwide. Particularly so as the new QR85 flight will have a daily frequency in and out of Dusseldorf’s International Airport.

Specifically the flight will make the trip as follows:

  • QR085 Departing Doha at 08:00 and arriving into Dusseldorf at 12:45 with a daily frequency.
  • QR086 Departing Dusseldorf at 15:25 and arriving into Doha at 23:20 with a daily frequency.

The flight was is and will be operated by 787-9s in a 2 class configuration layout. This Qatar Airways configurations features 22 Business class seats and 232 Economy class seats. For a total capacity of 254 seats on the flight.

The block flight time for the Doha – Dusseldorf sector is 6 hours 45 minutes. However it is rare that this flight actually takes this long especially when flying from Europe to the Middle East in the winter time.

Qatar Airways 787-9 A7-BCQ

The Other Qatar Airways Destinations in Germany

As mentioned earlier this is Qatar Airways fourth destination in Germany. The middle eastern airline is ramping up capacity to and from Europe as the World Cup is just around the corner and demand for international travel spiked this year.

The other other daily flights being:

  • Frankfurt – 3 daily flights:
    • Flight Number QR67
    • Flight Number QR71
    • Flight Number QR69
  • Berlin – 7 weekly flights- Flight Number QR81
  • Munich – 14 weekly flights:
    • Flight Number QR57 daily flight
    • Flight Number QR59 Daily flight

Qatar Airways tends to shuffle around its fleet quite a bit in order to accomodate operational need so you might not end up on the aircraft you expected. However all 4 the German routes are flown by either:

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