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FlyDubai Orders Its First Wide Body Aircraft Ever

FlyDubai has been so far, since it started operations, a one aircraft type operator. Specifically the Dubai based airline has been a 737 only airline. Starting off operations with the 737NG series and then moving onto flying the 737 MAX family of planes. However this status quo will soon change after the announcement made at the Dubai Air Show earlier today.

FlyDubai Orders Its First Ever Wide Body Jets

It is fresh off the press that FlyDubai will not remain a one airplane type operator for much longer. The Dubai based carrier has placed its first order for wide body long range planes.

Of course, as the carrier already operates an all Boeing fleet, it was only natural that the order for these new planes would be placed with its long term supplier.

Specifically the UAE LCC has opted to integrate into its fleet 30 Boeing 787-9. A significant milestone for a carrier that so far has never operated truly long range routes.

So how will this change FlyDubai’s operations and why was this decision taken? More on that below.

FlyDubai Boeing 737 MAX Taxiing

How Will Operations Change?

So far FlyDubai has had a very clear operating model. The low cost airline has operated flights to regions and markets where demand for premium travel wasn’t strong enough to support services from its parent airline Emirates.

Therefore the Dubai based LCC has opened a great number of routes in the Indian subcontinent and in eastern Europe. Rarely though has is overlapped with Emirates operations.

FlyDubai will enter the long range flight market offering connections to destinations much further away from Dubai. Possibly in East Asia and who knows maybe even as far as Australia.

Why Did FlyDubai Order the Boeing 787-9?

With the arrival of the new Boeing 787-9s the way the airline operates is likely to change. My take on this interesting move is that FlyDubai could become more akin to what Scoot is for Singapore Airlines and what Jetstar is for Qantas.

In other words FlyDubai will work to intercept a more price sensitive crowd possibly even overlapping with its services in destinations already served by the parent airline Emirates.

Only time will tell if this scenario will actually come to fruition.

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