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Air Canada Will Include Apple TV+ Shows and Movies in its In Flight Entertainment

We got some major news from Air Canada today, August 1st 2023, that will significantly change the onboard experience for passengers. From today onwards the Canadian flag carrier’s inflight entertainment offering is getting a significant boost. The maple leaf airline will be offering to its passengers access to Apple TV+ productions as part of its IFE programming. Let’s find out all there is to know about this new Air Canada – Apple TV collaboration.

Why The Apple TV Air Canada Agreement Works For Both Parties

From Air Canada’s standpoint this new agreement with Apple TV enables the airline to significantly increase its in flight entertainment offering. Not only, it also significantly increases the quality of content passengers can access while onboard.

The IFE system is an area where many airlines have had to make up huge amounts of ground with what some middle eastern carriers offer (eg Emirates). The fact that Air Canada now offers a vast assortment of shows by Apple TV+ is a huge leap forward. Including the content coming from Apple, the Canadian flag carrier will increase its onboard IFE programming by 95% compared to last year.

For Apple TV on the other hand, it puts its shows and movies in front of millions of potential clients. By having their shows on flights they can potentially get travellers hooked on their shows and convert them into clients once they return home.

Therefore this is a clear win-win situation for the airline and the streaming platform.

Air Canada IFE now includes Apple TV+ movies and series

Starting When Is The New Content Available And On Which Planes?

As mentioned above the new Apple TV+ produced content will be available immediately. Starting August 1st 2023 passengers will be able to watch hours on end of content while flying on any flight equipped with IFE technology. That means pretty much every plane in the Air Canada fleet (excluding Rouge) except the turboprop Dash 8-400.

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