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Alaska Airlines Presents Stunning Native Art Livery on 737-800

Alaska Airlines just put back into service a very special Boeing 737-800. Registration number N559AS will be a one of a kind aircraft for quite some time in the airline’s fleet lineup. Let’s take a closer look at the news regarding this 737 and what makes is so special.

The Native Art Alaska Airlines Tribute Livery

Alaska Airlines has dome something truly special that I really like to see from airlines. The American carrier has gotten creative with the livery of one of its Boeing 737-800s. N559AS gets its very special paint job from a design by native Alaskan artist Crystal Kaakeeyáa Rose Demientieff Worl.

She was hired to design the color scheme of this Alaska Airlines 737 to depict a native painting. From now on the plane will be referred to as “Xáat Kwáani” which in native Alaskan Tlingit language translates to “Salmon People”. The name underlines the deep link between native populations of the region with the fish.

This is the first time Alaska Airlines tributes the native populations of its land with such a special livery. Also it is the first time for a US carrier to feature along with English a native language on an aircraft’s main door.

Alaska Airlines 737 Salmon People in Amarillo Paint shop

Image by Alaska Airlines

Work On Xáat Kwáani Boeing 737-800

N559AS, now also know as Xáat Kwáani, flew back into Anchorage (ANC) on May 9th from Amarillo where it underwent re-painting. Work on this very special Boeing 737 took a total of 12 days. Although this might seem to be a long time it was as a matter of fact quite a speedy job.

The plane was put back into service at the end of last week serving flight AS62. A flight that took the plane with its shiny new livery to visit the state capital Juneau.

Alaska Airlines Salmon People 737 Livery

Image by Alaska Airlines

Following In Qantas’ Footsteps

The not too young travellers, in particular Australian ones, will definitely remember the wonders that were Wanala and Nalanji Dreaming Boeing 747s (300/400). Alaska Airlines with its Xáat Kwáani 737 reminds us very much of those two very special flying kangaroo liveries, for more than one reason.

First of all both airlines paid tribute to the millennia old cultures of the native people of their land. Secondly they are similarly truly stunning pieces of art.

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