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Alaska Airlines and Condor Sign Bilateral Codeshare Agreement

Just recently in 2023 Condor Airlines launched a major expansion of its operations in the United States. The German carrier added 2 destinations to its US network Miami and San Antonio. By the end of 2024 the carrier will offer flights to 5 US destinations. However Condor passengers will now have access to a fantastic new perk, thanks to the agreement just signed with Alaska Airlines. So here’s what it’s all about.

Alaska Airlines and Condor Sign a Codeshare Agreement

Alaska Airlines and Condor, which already had a partnership standing since 2017, have decided to join forces even more from now on. The two carriers have in fact signed a codeshare agreement.

The agreement will allow passengers, upon booking, to fly with a single ticket flights operated by the two operators seamlessly. In simpler terms it’ll be possibile to connect with a single booking on Alaska Airlines and Condor with a single booking.

The two airlines will from now on apply to each other’s flights their own flight code and sell tickets as if the service were by them operated.

Condor Airlines and Alaska Airlines sign codeshare agreement

A Win-Win Agreement

An agreement that from my point of view is a win win for both involved parties. Alaska Airlines has a very strong presence on the US domestic market, but lacks any international flights. Having a codeshare with an airline like Condor grants the US airline a gateway to the rich European market. Condor also offers some of the newest planes on transatlantic flights as they use brand new A330neo in a 3 class configuration: Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy Class. Business class seat furthermore transform into lie flat bed and offer a great deal of privacy.

Condor in a similar fashion will be able to offer onward travel its passengers making it an even more attractive option to travel across the Atlantic, not only for German passengers.

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