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American Airlines Purchases 4 New E175 From Embraer

US carrier fleets are some of the most dynamic in the world. Particularly the big 3 airlines in the country operate such large and extensive networks that a constant and continuous turnover of aircraft is needed in order to maintain the whole operation running smoothly. Therefore it’s unsurprising to see these carries on a regular basis in the headlines for aircraft orders. Today’s we’ll be touching base on one of the latest American Airlines orders although far from being the biggest. Here’s what the news is all about.

American Airlines Orders 4 New Embraer E175

American Airlines has just signed a contract with Embraer for the supply of another 4 Embraer E175 regional jets. However neither the airline or the manufacturer have specified if the aircraft ordered are of the new E2 family or the previous generation of planes.

My personal guess is that they are part of the older Embraer generation of planes. If Embraer had indeed sold some new E175-E2 jets I’m pretty sure they would have made a big deal about it. Simply because the orders for this aircraft type are still stuck at 0.

American Airlines Envoy Air orders 4 new Embraer E175

American But Not Exactly

The planes were ordered by American Airlines and they will be part of the AA group. However they will be effectively operated by the wholly AA subsidiary Envoy Air. This lesser known carrier is the company that operates all of AA’s regional flights across the United States.

Envoy operates a 1 manufacturer fleet with all of its planes produced by, you guessed it, Embraer. Over 100 E175 are already present in Envoy’s fleet. Therefore these 4 new planes will help strengthen the carriers operations.

How Much Was This American Airlines Embraer E175 Order Worth?

The total value of the contract that American Airlines has signed with Embraer for the supply of these 4 E175 planes is worth just over 230 Million $ putting the per unit price at about 57.5 million $.

The planes will be part of the Embraer 2023 backlog of orders and will be accounted for in the Q3 reports.

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