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United Airlines Expands it International Network For Late 2024

United Airlines even before the busy summer season kicks in, is already planning for its 2024 winter season. The airline finished in second position behind Delta in many financial KPIs in 2023 and will be trying with every tool at its disposal to close the gap with the Atlanta based carrier. In order to intercept new customers and fuel growth United is looking to open 3 new routes by the end of the year. Let’s dive into the news then.

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United Airlines 3 New 2024 Winter destinations

United Airlines has just announced it will be boosting its network with 3 new destinations in late 2024. The 3 new cities the airline will serve are quite diverse from one and other, catering to the needs of very different crowds. Specifically United will be offering flights to:

  • Marrakesh (Morocco) – from Newark/New York – starting October 24
  • Cebu (Philippines) – from Tokyo Narita – starting July 31
  • Medellin (Colombia) – from Houston – starting October 27

The longest of the three new routes, New York to Marrakesh, will be a thrice weekly service and the only direct option from the US to the north African tourist hotspot. The aircraft will be one of the older ones United still operates on its long range services, the Boeing 767-300ER.

Although among the older plane types in the United Airlines fleet, the 767 features the Polaris business class cabin. By many this is considered to be the best US carrier premium cabin on long haul services. Looking at the aircraft as a whole these planes are extremely premium heavy in their setup. Only 99 standard economy seats are available. That is an extremely low number. The overall configuration features:

  • 46 Polaris Business Class Seats – All with aisle access
  • 22 Premium Economy Class Seats – in a 2-2-2 layout
  • 99 Economy Class Seats – in a 2-3-2 layout

The other two flights on the other hand will be operated aboard narrow body planes. More specifically, flights from Tokyo to Cebu will have a 737-800 serve them while the Medellin services will have more generically a 737 which could either be an NG or MAX.

You might be surprised to see a United 737 on a strange service as that from Tokyo to Cebu. On the contrary it isn’t at all. United Airlines has a fleet of narrow body planes that serves the Pacific region covering all US territories and reach out to the Philippines and Japan. One of the airline’s strangest sectors is in this region (UA132), you can read more about it in this other post.

United Airlines Boeing 737 on Takeoff plane that will be used by the carrier on both new flights from Tokyo to Cebu and Houston to Medellin in late 2024

Powering Up Other Existing Services

Along with launching the 3 new flights above, United is also powering up some existing connections. Specifically it’ll be:

  • Introduce 4 more weekly frequencies on the Los Angeles to Shanghai route on a 787-9 starting August 29.
  • A second daily flight will commence service on the Los Angeles-Hong Kong route stating October 26.
  • San Francisco Seoul will become a double daily year round service.
  • Finally a 757-200 will be deployed on the New York/Newark to Porto route making it a double daily service.
United Airlines will be introducing 3 new flights in late 2024 when it will serve Cebu from Tokyo, Medellin from Houston and Marrakesh from Newark Liberty.

Other United Airlines News

However that is not all there is to talk about in terms of United Airlines. It is worth touching base on what happened outside of the network operational aspects this week. The US carrier has started to show some frustration towards Boeing and the 737MAX programme a the many delays it is building up.

Not only has UA has allegedly told Boeing to stop building the 737MAX-10 it had ordered, but it also alluded to the possibility of trying to strike a deal with Airbus to expand its current A321neo order to replace those 737s. If this were to actually go through it would be a massive blow for Boeing and maybe one that will push the manufacturer that little bit closer to considering designing a new plane from scratch.

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