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United Increases 787 Order by 50 Units and Maintains Option for Other 50

There were very few doubts about it and there are even more now, the 787 will be the backbone of United Airlines operations for many years to come. The airline has in fact further increased its firm order of 100 Dreamliners from Boeing. So let’s find out how many Boeing 787s will United Airlines be receiving and which variants were it ordered.

The Original United Airlines Dreamliner Order

On December 13th 2022 United announced the single largest order in history for Boeing’s 787. The airline committed heavily to the the American manufacturer and the 787 aircraft family.

In the closing stages of 2022 UA announced that it had placed:

  • A firm order for 100 Boeing 787 Dreamliners
  • Placing an option to purchase further 100 787s

10 months down the road and the number of firm orders has been already touched up.

United Boeing 787 on takeoff from Sydney Airport

United Increases Its Firm Order of Boeing 787s

Not even a year later this record breaking order for Boeing, comes other good news. United Airlines has increased its firm order for Boeing 787s from 100 to 150 units.

The American carrier has therefore activated the option in its favour for 50 extra planes. The airline also still maintains the option for a further 50 units should it wish to further increase its order in the coming months and years.

Which Dreamliner Variant Was Ordered?

As for the variant ordered by the airline. It wasn’t specified in the original order which variant UA had ordered, however we do know that these additional 50 Boeing 787s will be the 9 variant. That is the most popular and appreciated by airlines variant of the Dreamliner lineup.

United Airlines orders further 50 Boeing 787-9

United Airlines To Become Largest 787 User Worldwide

With a firm order for 150 Dreamliners United is on route to become the largest 787 operator worldwide. United currently already operates 71 Boeing 787 in all 3 variants:

With new deliveries joining the carrier’s fleet in coming years United will easily break into the triple digits in terms of 787 units.

It is highly likely that these planes will feature the same cabin configuration seen on the 787s United Airlines already operates today featuring:

  • 48 Polaris Business Class Seats
  • 21 Premium Economy Class Seats
  • 188 Economy Class Seats

UA Also To Receive a Substantial Number of A321neo

United has also placed a large order with Airbus for its newest generation of A321neo. The carrier already operates the A319 and the A320 in its current fleet lineup. However the addition of the A321neo will grant greater flexibility thanks to the incredible versatility of this aircraft type.

Currently UA has placed an order for 60 Airbus A321neo and has an option for 40 more. Deliveries will take place between 2028 and 2030.

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