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Hong Kong International Airport Opens Its Third Runway

As traffic numbers through Hong Kong International Airport start rising again post pandemic, the airport gears up for what it hopes will be a busy future. In fact airport’s third runway has entered service, enhancing significantly the amount of traffic HKG can handle. Let’s take a closer look at this news and how HKIA will evolve from here on.

Hong Kong Airport’s 3rd Runway Opening

The first milestone of Hong Kong International Airport’s (HKG) expansion kicks into action with its new third runway. Is something the airport authorities have been working on for quite some time. Work on the runway construction started in 2016 and along with the renovations going on at T2 it will boost and modernise this strategic asset for the city.

The first flight to land was of course none other than a Cathay Pacific flight. To be more precise one of the airline’s Airbus A350s. The plane was saluted with water cannons during taxiing towards the terminal.

Cathay Pacific A350 on Hong Kong Airport Runway Opening
Image Cathay Pacific

About The Runway

The runway, numbered 07L/25R, runs parallel to the other two and are all three 3800m long.

This means that all 3 runways are capable of handling the largest commercial planes on the planet, both on take off and landing. The new runway has, since opening become the northern runway while, the previous most northern landing strip has now become the center runway.

As mentioned above, construction of this new runway commenced in 2016 and was made possibile through reclaiming land. Following similar construction techniques used to build much of the rest of the HK airport.

View of Hong Kong International Airport

Phase 2 Of HKIA’s Expansion

There is though one piece of the airport’s expansion puzzle missing. Back in 2019 Terminal 2 was shut down, with all operations moved to T1.

Since terminal 2 has been undergoing some major renovations. Also the terminal will have a new concourse connected to the main terminal body via a people mover.

Once renovations and the concourse are complete they will enable Hong Kong airport to handle without any problem the extra traffic the new runway will hopefully bring in.

The completion of the project is scheduled for 2024 (not too long to go now). According to the HK airport authorities everything is on time and within budget.

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