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4.6 Million Passengers Flew Via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in March 2023

Amsterdam Schiphol international airport has been in the center of attention for all other reasons, however today we’ll be concentrating on passenger traffic volumes only. We’ll look at some of the latest figures released by the Dutch aviation hub in terms of how many passengers flew via AMS.

Schiphol Continues On Course To Recover Pre Pandemic Passenger Levels

Almost 4.6 million passengers have travelled through KLM’s main hub of Amsterdam Schiphol international airport. That represents a significant increase from the 3.7 million of march 2022. Therefore the airport continues on its path towards recovering completely pre pandemic passenger volumes. The last pre-pandemic month of March was in 2019 when 5.6 million passengers transited through the Dutch airport. Still quite a bit of way to go, but much ground has been made up.

Also year on year, in the month of March, the number of flights landing and taking off from (AMS) Amsterdam Schilphol has risen by approximately 9% passing from 30,382 to 33,128. What clearly has decreased are cargo flights. This is no surprise. The increase of passenger hold cargo availability reduced the need for cargo only services.

4.6 Million passengers Travelled Via Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in March 2023

Which The Most Travelled To Destinations?

Among the destinations passengers travel the most from and to when using Amsterdam Schiphol are:

  • London
  • Istanbul
  • Barcelona
  • Dublin
  • Madrid
  • Milan
  • Copenhagen
  • Dubai
  • Manchester
  • Lisbon

On the other hand the most popular countries are:

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Great Britain

The most sought after intercontinental destination on the other hand are the United States.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Apron (AMS)

A Low Cost Airline Entering the Schiphol US Market

Speaking of the United States, Amsterdam to US flights have long been a legacy airline only market. As we saw earlier this week this is going to change. With a Dutch court ruling against the flight reduction the airport authority and government wanted to implement, JetBlue confirmed that it’ll soon be launching its first flights to the Dutch hub.

This will be the first time we’ll see low cost airlines go head to head with the legacy airlines that have long monopolised the routes from Schiphol to the US. If you want to read more about JetBlue’s plans to connect Amsterdam to the US east coast I’ve got you covered with this other post.

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