Amsterdam Schiphol Runway 06/24 Partially Active Until February 2024

There is a lot going on at Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport. The airport is further upgrading its infrastructures in order to stay competitive and reduce its environmental footprint. The airport will be starting maintenance on one of its main runways and is building a new dual taxiway. So let’s take a closer look at what is going on and how Amsterdam Airport will change in the coming months.

Kaagbaan Runway 06/24 Partially Active Until February 2024

The first piece of news that we need to look into is the maintenance which will take Schiphol’s Kaagbaan runway (06/24) offline for a few days and partially usable until February 2024.

This is ordinary maintenance that the Dutch airport takes out on each of its runways once per year. This is necessary in order to ensure that all systems on the runway are correctly operating.

The maintenance crew will check that all the cabling is still working correctly, that the water drainage is also working correctly along with the grass being cut and the markings being restored the runway itself. These are all activities that are crucial to meeting all the necessary safety standards.

Work will take the airport’s second longest runway, the Kaagbaan (06/24) measuring 3,500m, out of service from September 4th to the 12th. However the runway won’t be fully operational even after September 12th for some other work taking place.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport closes Kaagbaan runway for maintenance

The Amsterdam Airport Dual Taxiway Construction

After the yearly maintenance is completed the runway will still not be fully operational for quite some time. Until February 19th 2024 the Kaagbaan will be:

  • Usable for takeoffs in all weather conditions
  • Usable for landings only in good weather conditions

This is due to the ongoing construction of the dual taxiway connecting the Kaangbaan runway (06/24) to the Zwanenburgbaan runway (36C/18C).

The way the Amsterdam Schiphol dual taxiway works is it forms a ring path around the the terminal with 2 taxiways able of directing traffic in opposite directions. However between the Zwanenburgbaan and the Kaagban there is only a single taxiway. This creates a bottleneck where air traffic can jam translating into waiting time, fuel burn and overall inefficiency.

Schiphol is therefore building a new aircraft bridge over the A4 motorway which will run parallel to the already existing one for taxiway Quebec (Q). Once completed this new taxiway will effectively complete the double ring path around the terminal, greatly increasing AMS’ efficiency and cutting down fuel burn and waiting times.

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