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Who Can Access the New ITA Airways Hangar Lounge at Rome Fiumicino Airport?

ITA Airways, the new Italian flag carrier, finally has its very own lounge in its main hub of Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO). The lounge isn’t inherited from the old carrier Alitalia but designed and built from the ground up to meet ITA’s specifications. So let’s take a closer look at what the lounge provides and who can access it.

Where is the new ITA Airways Lounge and What is it Called?

ITA Airways branded its newest lounge “Hangar Lounge”. The reason for this name is both simple association with an aviation term and because there are elements of a aircraft hanger used in the lounge’s architecture.

The new ITA Hangar Lounge is located just after the security checks in terminal 1 at Rome FCO airport, boarding area A. You’ll find directions to the escalator that will bring you to the upper floor of T1 where the lounge is situated.

This is the first lounge that the Italian airline has built from the ground up. Everything ensures brand consistency and is in no way inherited from the old carrier Alitalia. The location at T1 after the security checks makes this a lounge thought for Schengen Area travellers. Now that we know where it is, let’s find out who can access and what it offers.

A350 ITA Airways per Volo Roma Tokyo

Who Can Access the ITA Hangar Lounge?

This is a premium lounge which means it’s not open to just anyone. You need to meet certain criteria to gain access. Specifically you can access ITA’s Hangar Lounge if:

  • You are an Executive or Premium Volare frequent flyer member
  • You’re travelling Business Class on an ITA Airways flight
  • You have a Skyteam Elite Plus status.

Therefore make sure to meet this criteria in order to experience the all new ITA Hangar Lounge at Rome FCO.

What Does The Lounge Offer?

The airline’s new lounge will ensure travellers a true Italian experience. Premium Italian products both decorate and are offered in ITA’s frequent flyer lounge. Couches and chairs are by luxury brands such as Poltrone Frau and B&B.

The bar area allows passengers to choose from a wide selection of premium Lavazza coffees. You can even order a Moka made coffee. Cocktails are prepared by trained barmen in collaboration with Campari to accompany the buffet and a la carte food options available.

WiFi internet connection is available throughout the lounge and a LEMA furnished VIP lounge allows for meetings to be held during transits. Therefore making the lounge a place to maintain productivity while on the go.

Is ITA’s Hangar Lounge Open 24/7?

Unfortunately not. The new lounge is open every day of the week from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, which means it covers most flights in and out of the busy Fiumicino Airport.

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