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Boeing Closes 2022 With 774 New Orders and 480 Deliveries

With passenger figures growing rapidly across the globe demand for aircraft is also steadily making its way to what it was before the pandemic. Boeing, one of the 2 main worldwide airplane manufacturers, closed the years with some interesting production and delivery data. Let’s take a closer look at this latest news coming from the Seattle airplane manufacturer.

Boeing 2022 Orders and Deliveries

Boeing’s 2022 closed with a total of 774 new orders for its planes. This number is refined of order cancellations that airlines might have operated. Therefore these 774 new orders are a net number for the year that just came to an end.

As for the breakdown of these orders 72% of them were for Boeing’s line of single aisle narrow body aircraft.

On the 737MAX and 787 is where the manufacturer concentrated its efforts last year. After a few bumpy years for the 737MAX efforts were made to stabilise orders and deliveries of this aircraft type family and deliveries of the 787 were resumed.

Let’s take a closer look at breakdown of the actual orders per aircraft type:

  • 561 orders placed for the 737MAX in all its variants. With orders from new customers such as ANA, Delta and IAG
  • 114 orders placed for 787s in all variants
  • 68 orders placed for 777s in all variants
  • 31 orders placed for 767s
  • 78 orders placed for Boeing freighter aircraft

Deliveries on the other hand include:

  • 374 737MAX deliveries
  • 33 767 deliveries
  • 31 787 deliveries
  • 24 777 deliveries
  • 5 747 deliveries
  • 44 new productions freighters

Cargolux Boeing 747-400F on Landing in Calgary

Goodbye Passenger 747 and Backlog

2022 will be remembered in the future as the year in which the last 747 queen of the skies was produced and delivered. Although will no longer be any planes of this family produced moving forward from 2022, there will still plenty out there. Therefore we’ll still be able to see these fantastic planes flying for some time.

To wrap things up the Seattle based manufacturer closed 2022 with a backlog of orders to fulfil of 4,578 units. Quite significant amount which will keep Boeing busy for the years to come.

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