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Boeing Forecasts The World Will Need 650,000 Pilots in the Next 20 Years

That the world is in need of pilots and planes that’s no secret. If you’re not aware of it you might not be a close observer of the aviation world or don’t travel that much. If you fall into one of these two categories I’m sure this is no news. The airline tickets’ price spike is also due to this shortage. However demand for pilots and other airline staff, such as technicians and cabin crew, will only continue to rise according to Boeing’s latest report.

Boeing Forecasts The World Will Need 650.000 Pilots

Unfortunately pilots are an asset which isn’t easy to come across these days and there is a serious risk that they my become even rarer. That is unless airlines and other entities start training more of them.

Becoming a pilot isn’t cheap and many who aspire such career either have to take out huge loans or rely on cadet programmes. So it’s likely that we’ll inevitably see more schemes of this type in the coming years being setup by airlines.

Simply because the world will need pilots, a lot of pilots. According to Boeings latest analysis, there will be the need for 650,000 Pilots in the next 20 years.

The forecast also gives us a glimpse into which areas of the world will need the most fresh workforce in the coming 2 decades.

RegionPilots Needed
Latin America38,000
Middle East58,000
North America127,000
Northeast Asia23,000
South Asia37,000
Southeast Asia58,000

What is notable in this report is that China’s demand for pilots is forecasted to overtake North America’s in coming years. Non surprisingly, might I add on a personal note. Also it must be noted that numbers accounting for the Russian market have been included into Eurasia in the table.

Boeing forecasts the world will need 2.3 Million among pilots cabin crew and technicians

Demand For Cabin Crew and Technicians Also High

Unsurprisingly, if the number of pilots needed for the next 20 years is high numbers for cabin crew and technicians are also inevitably high.

The world will need over the next 20 years in excess of 1.6 million between cabin crew and qualified technicians. That is a huge number with Eurasia leading the pack in terms of numbers required and china just behind:

RegionCabin Crew NeededTechnicians Needed
Latin America49,00041,000
Middle East99,00058,000
North America177,000125,000
Northeast Asia39,00028,000
South Asia45,00038,000
Southeast Asia89,00073,000

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