Which airlines use the passenger and cargo Boeing 747-8 in 2023?

In 120 years of flight few aircraft types have changed the way we think about flying as the Boeing 747 has. The aircraft has become an icon of travel in the second half of the 20th century. You could recognise the Boeing 747’s hump anytime. However unfortunately it has become rarer and rarer to fly one of these planes. Airlines are decommissioning older 747-400s and the 747-8 wasn’t a hit with the airlines. So much so that only a handful of operators use the latest 747 variant. So let’s find out which airlines and operators fly the Boeing 747-8.

Which Airlines Use The Boeing 747-8I?

Let’s start off by specifying that in this first section I’ll be referring only to the passenger version of the 747-8 (and not the 747-8F). The passenger version, the Boeing 747-8I (where I stands for intercontinental), at the moment is in service with only 3 commercial operators:

Airline747-8I Quantity
Lufthansa LogoLufthansa19
Korean Air LogoKorean Air8
Air China LogoAir China5

As of July 2023 only 3 passenger operators are flying this beautiful plane. The largest user of the aircraft type is also the launch customer of the Boeing 747-8I: Lufthansa.

What is surprising is that no US based airlines use the 747-8. The only 2 planes of the type that will be based in the United States are the 2 747s that are in the process of becoming VC-25Bs, in other words the new Air Force One presidential planes.

It must be noted that there are another 8 747-8 active as business jets for private operators.

Which Airlines Use the Boeing 747-8

The Best 747-8 Livery?

Certainly Lufthansa owns the 747-8I wearing the best livery of them all. Registration number D-ABYT (Delta Alfa-Bravo-Yankee-Tango) was painted in a retro classic livery which is truly stunning.

The color scheme D-ABYT is fitted with is the classic Lufthansa with the yellow logo on the vertical stabiliser and the black nose cone. These days it’s quite common to see it in Frankfurt airport between rotations.

Lufthansa D-ABYT Boeing 747-8I classic Livery

Which Airlines Use the Boeing 747-8F Freighter?

Although only 41 passenger versions of the 747-8I are currently active there are many more flying around the world in the freighter variant. The cargo version has proved a bigger success than the passenger one, however it is far from being one of Boeing’s best sellers.

Airline747-8F Quantity
Cathay Cargo14
Air Bridge Cargo12
Atlas Air8
Nippon Cargo Airlines8
Silk Way West Airlines4
Qatar Airways2

Among these cargo variants of the Boeing 747-8 is the last of the type to ever leave the Everett assembly line. Specifically it is N863GT delivered to Atlas Air and named Empower. This plane will be always remembered as the last 747 ever to be built.

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